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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

FRIDAY 8th Apr 2011 (SD training no 6)

Dear Allmighties,

Please note that this Sunday the 10th April 2011 we DO NOT have OUR REGULAR TRAINING RUN as our most wanted persons are running 2XU run. But we understand that we all can't live without Punggol Runners, so we have FRIDAY NITE RUN, here is the detail:

When: FRIDAY 8th April 2011
Time: 8PM (make sure you makan earlier)
Meet at Sengkang CC
Distance: 16k, 22k, 30k and 36k
16k: 1 round of SK-Jl Kayu-YCK-AMK ave 5-Buangkok-SK cc
22k: together with 16k - continue to Punggol way- punggol east - popeye - Uturn same way to SK
30k: together with 22k up to popeye - continue to cross lor halus to pasir ris UMC bldg - uturn same way back to SK
36k: together with 30k up to UMC - continue to downtown east - uturn same way back to SK

This is nite run, we advice you to be safe, please run in group or at least pick a buddy to run together.

1. Hydration
2. some money, mobile phone, bus card
3. BLINKERS lights
4. Study the route
5. DON'T GET LOST!! (please keep others informed if you decide to go stray)


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