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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sunday Run 1st May 2011 SD training no 8

Here is the plan for Sunday run:

Date: 1st May 2011 (SUNDAY)
Meet: 0530
At: Sengkang CC
Route and Distance: Total of 34km

SKCC->Buangkok->AMK->Bishan->Upper Thomson Rd->Old Upper Thomson Rd, turn left at gate into Upper Pierce->UTurn at toilet back same way->Turn left at gate into Old Upper Thomson Rd->Shell Station U turn->Upper Thomson Rd->YCK->Jln Kayu->SKCC

14k - Single Loop (Turn right at Nanyang Poly back YCK)
22k - Single Loop (Do not go into Old Upper Thomson Rd) - home run from Teachers' Estate
27k - Single Loop (Go into Old Upper Thomson rd but do not turn into Upper Pierce)
32k - Single Loop (Do not go to Shell Station)

1. Hydration
2. some cash/ID/Bus card
3. Sun Protection
4. Energy Gels (if u are to have them for your marathon)
5. Study the route

PS. Good luck for those who are doing TRIBOB and Borneo Marathon this Sunday

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